My Name is Keith Montgomery

I have worked on multiple projects pertaining to computer science

I love web development.
I love how software and hardware function and how to fix it.

Taken from what I have learned; I feel I hold a responsibility to help as many people as I can with technology to better serve communities.

It makes me ecstatic when I see people smile
from the results of my work to serve them.

With technology you can never master everything but for the right reasons
I tend to continuously learn as much as possible.

My Projects

Efutura technologies was founded on the principle of morals that other companies do not practice. It is time to give the internet back to the people

Efutura Labs

Research, Project Management, Git and Software Development

Efutura Networks

Client single domain site environment with administrative dashboard to build websites on the backend while synchronizing data back to the network.


Master Search Engine
Social Media
Online Multi Vendor Market
Local Multivendor Market
Voice Assist

Efutura City

Real world technology development to enhance daily life.

Efutura Go/Power Up

Our technology on the go.
Smart car solutions.

Coming Soon

Efutura Mirror OS

Your OS
Your Way
Efutura goes where you go and all devices will be brought into a singularity function. Your data is in your hands.

Efutura Connect

Stay connected to your devices at home, work or wherever you go by one signal anywhere in the world.

Efutura Applications


The Power of Efutura in the Hands of Locals. Southeast Texas I welcome you to try it out. It was built with you in mind for a better tomorrow.

My Skills

Web Designer/Delevoper 100%
Hardware Configuration 99%
Software Configuration 98%
Servers 90%
Apps 60%
Artificial Intelligence 50%

Web Development

Montgomery I.T. Specialists

Commercial Installs

I have freelanced over the years as Montgomery I.T. Specialists holding contracts with multiple partnerships to install commercial hardware and software. 

Keith W Montgomery